Updated: Mar 29, 2020

[Trigger warning: profanity]

Hey friend, ask yourself this, How do I feel when rejected?

Now, be honest with you, because only you, know you best.

Take the time out to really ponder upon this question and recall the moments in your life where you were rejected.

Maybe that time in grade school where you weren't invited to that roller skating birthday party that all the kids raved about on Monday?

High school when you worked up the courage to ask that special someone out and things went left?

When you got that tiny envelope from your top choice college?

Or when you felt as though you nailed the interview for your dream job and you get the "we regret to inform you" email?

How did those moments in your life make you feel, friend?

Did you freak out?

Get angry?

Lose your mind?

Overthink on what could have possibly turned out badly?

Whatever action you made in those intense moments, let me tell ya the real deal, my friend.

Rejection hurts.

It sucks when you wanted to be a part of something and they reject you, counteract you, and just totally block you off.

It's like, Fuck them!



Now, it sucks, it really, really does, but, and I'm telling you this because I care about you friend—you absolutely cannot think this way.

You may think the world is over and you'll never see a ray of light again;

That there will be no more happy days ahead of you.

You couldn't be any more wrong.

When rejected, you cannot allow yourself to get upset.

You must understand that some things are just not for you, and that is okay.

We're all human, we all have certain preferences; specific criteria that we all may not possess the qualities for.

Honestly, just think of rejection as earning a key. A key that leads you to a new door in your life; a new opportunity for you to unlock.

Go find that door, my friend.


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