Imagine walking along the sidewalk and you see a man, eating dirt. At first glance, I may stare and try to understand why he’s doing that. Then, I would most likely think, hmm, that doesn’t look sanitary. Lastly, I would continue walking and go about my day.

Now see the thing is, many others aren’t like me.

Many others would rather whip their phones out, start recording, pointing, staring, giggling, and whisper to one another in confusion “do you see this,” “why is he doing that.”

The big question here is, ‘Why judge?’

Why stand there and judge this man you don’t know?

This man who is acting alone, not bothering anyone, a man who isn’t a threat to society; why mock him? Who made you God?

As that man eats his dirt, swallows its filth, and digests nature's foundation; my insides, remain pure.

My life remains unaffected. My life goes on.

Let people live and allow people to do as they please.

Do another a tiny favor that’ll cost you absolute zilch; grant them the opportunity to live life their way.

You’ll be okay, I promise.


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