Jealousy is a form of intense insecurity.

It's such a scary word.

A negative word that none of us want to be described as. A word we fear to be recognized as when spoken about in our absence.

We all experience jealousy though.

We're human. It's okay.

Jealousy is a spectrum, as most emotions are.

Sometimes we just want something so badly for ourselves and others have it, thus making us jealous on a minimal level.

I consider that small piece of jealousy an extreme feeling of missing out.

What isn't okay, is when that tiny piece of jealousy manifests itself into envy.

Irritation running through our veins, fueling our bodies.

Spiting others because of their achievements.

Distracting ourselves from our own happiness.

That is when it becomes a problem.

You'll get absolutely nowhere and your issues will remain unresolved.

You don't want that for yourself, my friend.

It's a very powerful emotion, we can't let it consume us.

It can make us bitter.

Deteriorate our souls, shrink our minds, and kill our spirit.

Making us live life in a pessimistic fog, always expecting the worst in any and everything we do and the people we interact with.

An issue that like a disease, will seriously break us down.

Luckily, there is a cure.

Deep thought and self-assessment.

Ask yourself, why am I feeling this way? What does this person have that I don't?

Whatever it is, it can be obtained.

When faithful to yourself you are unstoppable.

Don't block your potential resenting others.

It's a miserable way to lead life.


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