Friend, I can only assume that if you're reading this, you must be experiencing it.

You may be feeling lost, empty, mentally drained, confused, doubtful if you'll ever see a happy day, and it's unfortunate to add but, maybe even depressed.

I know I sure did.

Heartbreak, to me, is the absolute worst emotion we humans can undergo.

Truly, I'd rather stub my pinky toe on the edge of a bed frame fifty times.

You can't think straight, properly, or rationally.

You don't want to hear anything that anyone has to say to cheer you up.

It's like, "Ugh! Shut the fuck up about ‘times will get better' please and thank you."

You are constantly overthinking. And I mean—con-stant-ly.

You start remembering the days where you were happy, thinking to yourself, what did I do to make me happy before? What makes me happy now? How can I be happy again? Will I ever be happy again?

Not to mention, you can't sleep or eat. Why?

Because you can't stop fucking thinking.

Shit is taxing on all levels.

As much as you want to quickly move on, you simply can't.

When you say you are over it, you are not. You can feel it, at least I can, in the middle of your chest. That little bit of care left, that totally lingers, takes over your body, and the entire state of mind.

When you try to do little tasks to keep yourself busy, all you can think about is your situation.

Any and everything you do reminds you of what hurt you.

As much as you don't want to, you can't help displacing your emotions.

Taking your sadness and frustrations out on people or things around you.

Carrying your over-stress with you to work, school, and additionally your everyday life.

Lashing out on others.

Distancing and shutting yourself out from the world.

It's terrible.

In extreme cases, your heart can literally transform from heartbreak.

You can even develop anxiety.

Start having shortness of breath, staring into space, go silent for hours—just fucking thinking. Like, damn man.

You seriously break down and can't function.

Now friend, let me tell you the hard truth of it all. And, I'm sure you don't want to hear it, but hear me out, please?

Heartbreak does not pass by fast like a roller coaster.

It is a roller coaster.

A painful and heavily emotion-filled roller coaster.

Each time your heart breaks, it resembles trying out a new ride at your favorite amusement park.

Mentally, you know what you're in store for. The suspense of the steep declines, inclines, twists, turns, and high speed.

But what you don't know is how it'll make you feel or how long it'll last.

It's a process.

Like a virus, there aren't any remedies for the symptoms; you must let it run its course.


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