Don't Settle

Don’t settle for less, friend; you’re far more worthy than that, don’t you think?

Don’t let the history blind you, for this situation isn’t peace.

Don’t let their words, actions, and time shared weld your eyes shut from the harsh reality that, it’s simply over, friend.

Don’t allow your emotions to suck you into a cave that you don’t believe you can crawl out of, because you can.

Don’t do it to yourself, it’s unfair.

You’re stronger than that, friend.


Is this really working? Are you really going anywhere?

Did this train come to a rusty halt? Is there any more grease left to get the wheels back in action?

This is your stop. Exit the train. Explore your destination.

You just may find something in your new and unfamiliar environment.

Here’s a clue, friend, it’s called change and realization—embrace it.

Start over, you’ll be okay, friend.

You’ll find your way.


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