Change comes from within. Don’t try to change people.

It’ll never work out.

Especially when their minds are made up. When their minds are far too closed off to expand in the slightest.

You’ll make yourself tired.

Tired from relaying the same message to them over and over; constant repetition.

Trying so hard to just make them understand; to make them get it.

To make them see your side of things, your end of the story; the message that you are so endless trying to convey.

It’s damaging.

Damaging to your soul, well being, and brain overall.

It’ll cause you far more pain to release energy, blood, sweat, and tears to get them to understand that what they’re saying or doing isn’t good for them.


They will ONLY get it when they wake up.

When they snap out of whatever haze they’re in.

When they personally no longer want to remain in whatever situation they’re in.

It isn’t until then, that they will have clarity and regain their vision that you always knew they had within them.

That is when the evolution process begins.


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