Being Ignored

To be ignored, aches.

It makes you feel something far deeper than feeling alone. In your mind, you're abandoned.

It makes us feel a variety of emotions. It awakens anger for some, sends others down a spiral of sadness, and most battle their minds in confusion––running things over in your head, again and again.

Overthinking on the reasons one is doing this, going flat-out awol.

Desperately trying to understand what could have possibly went wrong when things seemed to have been going so well.

Here's the truth my friend, they are avoiding something. Something they don't want to face.

It's something we all have done.

We more often than not, play the victim (in a sense) and only detect that we're being ignored.

We don't make ourselves aware that, maybe it is happening for a reason.

Maybe that someone needs a break from the conversation, from interacting?

Maybe they just need some space?

Time to themselves to think?

Accepting that requires some emotional investment.

Although it may still hurt, we cannot allow ourselves to fall into the trap of entitlement.

When we start expecting that one must talk to us, that they must explain the ‘why?'

Begging people to communicate with us, to care about us, to acknowledge us. We can’t do it.

I sure have been there though.

You have to realize that we're all just people who are free to do as we please.

We don’t have any permanent spots in others’ lives.

We can't control anyone into behaving how we'd want them to.

Life is too short to create enemies, though.

We all, on each side of the story, have to do our part when it comes to communicating.

Looking at the situation with an open mind, assessing and finding a solution.

Sometimes it’ll be reconnection, other times, two may decide that it’s best to part ways.

Either outcome, the key here is communicating.

A simple, “I need some time to myself” goes a long way.


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