Be Nice

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Don't be rude.

I can tell you from experience, no one likes a rude person. It's a miserable life to lead.

It's not cute, it's not a personality trait—well technically, yes. But, c'mon, focus here.

You'll get nowhere in life with the vicious words that spew out of your mouth like chewed food while talking—it's disgusting.

No one likes to see it.

And get this, no one likes to hear your dirty words either.

It puts a bad taste in their mouths as if that chewed food transferred from yours t—you get the point, right?

I used to be an asshole growing up. Yes, crazy right? Me, someone who is supposed to be uplifting you; anyway, moving on!

Think of the arse of the filthiest person you know, got it in mind? Good.

Now place that arse over my lips and envision me speaking through it.

I'm pretty certain your face looks just as disgusted as mine as I type these words…

It's, It's- utterly despicable.

You see, listen here; no one likes a rude person. They're intolerable and will always end up alone.

As much as I was scolded by my mother for being "quick with the tongue," dropped by friends for being mean, and even reprimanded by school faculty for being disrespectful, it took me far too, but luckily not that long for me to finally get it.

Aside from all of that though, being rude is seen as one of many things.


A cry for help.

Bleeding pure desperation for attention (Was me, don't be that guy).

Or the worst of them all, you're simply… a bitch, sorry not sorry to say.

Being nice to people is an endless road of success in all aspects of your life. In your relations with others, your aura, and even your karma will improve, my friend.

Help yourself out, be nice to others, and most importantly, yourself.

I assure you, it won't kill ya.

-Serge F.


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