Hey friend, you ever take a moment, sit back, think, and assess your interactions with others? 

Do you ever pay attention to your role in others’ lives? 

Do you place the blame on others for your issues and life woes? 

Do you ever stop to look at the big picture of things? 

Do you notice a pattern in your failures? 

Do you realize that you’ve been the common denominator the entire time? 

Do you?

Let me tell you friend, the second I grasped all of the things above and learned to hold myself accountable, peace came. 

All of the heartbreak, frustration, stress, and confusion I experienced prior; gone. 

I had to understand that, wow… it’s me. It’s literally… me. I am the cause of my problems. 

The whole time I’m playing the victim and placing the blame on others for “doing me wrong,” it was I, being blind to my own faults. 

Friend, when you realize all of these things and take a look back at the history––the reoccurring instances where you’ve made the mistake, not your opponent, it’s only then that you’ll have a sense of clarity and maybe even euphoria. 

If you’re like me, you’ll feel eager and more motivated than ever to get back out there and be a productive member of society. We’re all human though, full of imperfections, not robots, I can’t sit here and tell you to never make a mistake again. 

What I can tell you though is, be an honest human who doesn’t fear owning up to their wrongs. 

Go get em champ.


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