[Trigger warning: profanity]

Life is all JUST an experience.

Either you fear the ride or fully engulf in it.

Enjoying the thrill of its unexpected downfalls, twists, and turns.

We literally live, then die.

I don't think people truly notice that.

I just wish people realized that they need to live for themselves, and not for anyone else, ever.

Why experience life and not fulfill it to your own liking?

Your life is yours, it belongs to you.

Do everything that you want to do.

If it makes people upset, fuck it.

I'm a big advocate for people living for themselves and doing as they please because we are all skeletons with skin masks.

We will die and never ever get a round two.

Make life yours and write your own story.

Do whatever you'd like, take risks, and remember, each day alive is like Russian Roulette; you don't know when you're going to go. Never feel entitled to waking up; walk around grateful and appreciative.


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