About the Writer

Serge Fils Aime

Most of you guys know me as Serge Fils-Aimé, the photographer, and model. But I'd like to introduce you all to a talent of mine that I've always had, yet never really used. 

I've always been a great writer growing up but began to only write if I were getting academic praise. Sometime in 2018, I picked it back up when I had a flood of inspiration; a sudden drive of passion that later birthed the project I now present to you.  

I got into the habit of writing down everything. So, whenever I felt like I had a prominent thought I wrote it out. Transforming my free-thinking into words on paper, then making edits where it reads nicely—not like a bunch bouncing thoughts, as it is in my head.

I take pride in offering humans advice on a wide variety of topics to navigate through life in the form of warm and friendly conversational-style writing. 
Simple, easy to read, and to the point. 

My overall goal is to inspire all 7B of us humans to simply, be positive. 
Hoping that whatever piece I release, someone out there can relate to it, appreciate it, and learn from it. 
​Where then and only then, it’ll alter their view on life and their current place in it. 
Sparking change, evolution, and growth within their mind!